My Smashwords Interview

Interview with Belinda G. Buchanan

Tell us a little bit about the kinds of books you write?
I create stories that deal with very personal and social issues: Alcoholism, mental illness, adultery, domestic abuse as well as some other taboo subjects. My women are not weak, and my men are not always strong. You will find that my characters are not perfect – they are far from it, actually, because even heroes have a chink or two in their armor. It’s what makes them human, and I find that fascinating.  (more)

1 thought on “My Smashwords Interview

  1. Belinda, I thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about you and your writing. But what cinched it for me was the mention of Mountain Dew! I was a Mountain Dew addict all through college and up until a few years ago. Because I am no longer active enough to burn up all that sugar, I had to quit cold turkey. But what I hadn’t realized all through college was that the MD had served as a surrogate for Ritalin, which I now take for my ADHD. Rock on!


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