ADULTERY, ALCOHOLISM, MENTAL ILLNESS are very real, but sometimes overlooked, social issues that I like to write about.

Why, you ask?Belinda BW

Because drama is raw, drama is pure-and drama evokes emotion like no other. And when you combine it with tall, dark, & handsome-it’s positively electrifying. Giving my characters these afflictions is what makes them human, warts and all, as even heroes have a chink or two in their armor.

My stories are filled with angst, intimacy, despair, and hope. If you like these things, and don’t mind a few racy scenes or a sprinkling of profanity here and there, then my books are for you.

I have written four novels to date: After All Is Said And Done, The Monster of Silver Creek, Seasons of Darkness, and the recently released Tragedy at Silver Creek.

Late at night, you’ll find me holed up in my office/closet gleefully typing away on my keyboard. It’s a place where tall, dark, and handsome meets high drama – and is located just underneath the winter coats. 🙂

Be sure and click on the book trailers to get a sneak peek of what I’m talking about or go to my WEBSITE at belindagbuchanan.com to find out more.

I currently reside in the bluegrass state with my wonderful husband, who tirelessly puts up with my talking about my characters as if they were a part our family, and two sons. Also residing with us is a menagerie of animals that includes two persnickety cats, a hamster, and one dog that thinks he’s a person.

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