The Monster of Silver Creek


MOSC new ebook coverTerror has come…This small town in Prairie County, Montana has been rocked to its very core with the brutal murders of four women. A serial killer, whose calling card is as unusual as it is twisted, is on the loose – and Police Chief Nathan Sommers is bent on stopping him at all costs. Every road however, leads to a dead end.

 Nathan is battling his own demons as he tries in vain to cope with the death of his wife. He feels her dying was a direct result of his actions and is consumed with guilt. His personal life becomes even more complicated when he meets Katie, the pretty new owner of the bakery. Nathan slowly builds a relationship with her, but still struggles with Jenny’s death. As he draws nearer to the killer, everything in his life suddenly comes undone. He is forced to deal with his feelings for Katie, as well as his love for his dead wife.

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