Is it almost time for school to start back?

3:35 am – woke up to the sound of my 6 year old calling my name.  I stumble out into the hall and up the stairs to his room.  He has had a nightmare about sharks.  Note to self – allowing him to watch Shark Week was not one of my shining moments.

6:30 am – woke up a second time to the sound of my cat throwing up on the floor beside the bed.  I roll over and pull the covers over my head.

9:00 am – downstairs on the couch, not feeling so well.  Grateful to my oldest son, who walked the dog and brought me a banana.  So sweet.

Also ever so grateful that Discovery Channel is running a marathon of Survivorman.  My 6 year old thinks he is the greatest thing ever.  I doze on the couch, wallowing in my misery.

10:00 am – My husband comes home a day early from his trip.  Oh Yay!  He can take care of me and occupy the boys.  He’s been up for 24 hours straight.  “Going to bed.”  He says.

10:30 – 11:00 – both boys fight over the coveted blue blanket in our house.  The 6 year old wants it for his tent he’s building, the 12 year old wants to cover up with it.  Shouting ensues and ends with me screaming at them in my Mom Demon voice that they’re going to wake their dad.  Of course, I think I just did.

11:30 – feeling a little better.  Raise myself to a sitting position and open the laptop.  Check e-mails and book sales on kindle.  Click over to begin writing on my new novel.  As I begin scrolling through the pages, boys begin fighting again.  Oldest son would like lunch and I ask him if he will please make something for himself and his brother.

12:15 – they have popcorn chicken and applesauce.

1:00 – manage to write exactly 7 sentences before dog has to go out and wee wee.

2:00 – hear signs of life upstairs from husband.  He makes us grilled hamburgers.  Delicious.

3:10 – watch Soul Surfer.  Great movie, but had to stifle a laugh when my 6 year old asked when her arm was going to grow back.

6:00 – ended another argument between my boys on WWII.  “Come on?  Seriously?”

5 more days til school starts……